Friday, 9 August 2013

SeA dOg!!

It was just an ordinary day and the weather was too hot for anyone to saunter round the streets. So me and my friends thought of finding a place which is quite cool and shady. after a long time we thought of moving to Zoo.
Vandalur Zoo is some 50 km away from my place. but my city Chennai is well Linked in both Road and Rail transport so we took metro train and reached Vandalur in 25mins. We bought the entry ticket and entered. It was afternoon when we were in. I just found a good place near birds sanctuary. After an hour may be a couple of hours later I started to walk just that time i was attracted near the glass chamber where Sea Dogs are kept. I was very much interested in watching the routine job of this sea dog. It was just swimming and just sitting in a Majestic style. I enjoyed watching it and took a Remembrance snap. Its really an awesome feeling to share this image with you friends..