Sunday, 28 July 2013


Photography is an art or practice of making our surrounding object, place or thing into converting into a beautiful Memories. Its the easiest hobby and it can be learned very easily by any people. The only thing is people need lots of vision to think whether which angle and which lightning suits for the image.

              Still lots and lots of people across the globe makes the common mistake of using flash lights in their cameras. Friends using flash may make your image brighter but anyone noticed it makes the image more brighter than what you actually expected. Try avoiding flash and use natural lightning which makes the image much more natural though its not that bright. If your angle too is perfect with the little bit of lightning you can get a very clear,natural and more specifically a brighter image.
              The first thing you have to decide what kind of image you are going to take photo. An image may vary from a light color to dark color, non living thing to living human or animal. So its very essential for any individual to analyze what kind of image he is gonna capture.
              If you are going to be an amateur take an object say an apple or any kind of toy and place it in a room or in a open space where you or the object will not be disturbed. Now try out different snaps of the object in all the possible angles. This activity will give you a clear idea of the best angle for snapping an image.
              The best lightning which suits mostly any kind of image is sunset and sunrise. Its really natural and its an awesome environment suited for any photographer to get his best snap.
               Anyone can make photography your hobby. You don't need a professional SLR camera to get your best images even an ordinary Digicam is enough to start developing your hobby. Once you are sure about angle you can use SLR to adjust lighting effects.
               A notable contrast between an ordinary Digicam and Professional SLR is that Digicam automatically gets adjusted by itself where as in SLR individual have to adjust everything hence using an SLR is not possible for all users because of two main reasons.
              1)SLR camera cost is very high.
              2)SLR cameras are not user friendly.
              And now coming to my conclusion Photography is one of the easiest and the best hobby for any persons leisure time. Gender never matters in Photography. Any one who is interested in photography can learn it in really a very short a very low cost and the cost is only for your camera. To know more regarding Photography read my blog regularly. For any queries write to me @