Thursday, 29 August 2013


It was a hot sunny day. Me and my Friends were planned to spend the day in some place where the climate seems to be cooler than the cities normal climate (avg Chennai climate 33°c). My android app showed that day's climate to be 36°c. So i asked a place where its cool and shady.
A friend of mine pointed out some plazas to spend time. But i preferred a natural place with lots and lots of trees. Just then Zoo Stroke  my mind i asked my friends shall we go there and have some relaxation since the the entrance cost is very low and it is located close to our residing place. I already mentioned in my older posts i have a habit of taking my Digi cam where ever i go. On the very fine day we were busy taking rest(No comments!!). Actually we used the calm and excellent place to discuss about our final year Engineering project. It doesn't matter we got our project or not i got this snap. i was rally waiting for a very long time for this animal to turn back and show me its face for a snap. But it was all in vain. So i took this snap A HIPPO EXITING POOL..!! Feel free to comment your views friends!!