Wednesday, 10 July 2013

BiRd AnD iTs NeSt

 One fine lovely day when the climate was soo Romatinc i went on a outing to a small forest near chennai. Its near Vandalur. Vandalur is a place in chennai where we have Zoo. After having a leisure time in Zoo me was resting outside the city limits
just at that time saw some lovely white birds flying back to their Nests ( may be they should have a busy day searing for food or their soul mates.. who knows ) I was attracted by these birds and so i took my motor cycle and rushed after these birds. I really had a very bad chase. The entire scene didnt went in vain. to my hard work i saw a lots and lots of the birds nest. i was very much attracted by this bird. Just had a thought at that time whether the bird really is giving a perfect pose to me or is this my lucky day to take a snap of this bird. any way am really happy in sharing this image. thanks for spending your valuable time.