About Me

      I'm Harish Kumar N G a part time Blogger from India. I have selected my carrier as a software engineer in some reputed MNC. I have a lots of hobby among which photography is my favourite one.
      My passion towards photography made me travel across various rogue terrains and beautiful places across India and helped me create  really some remarkable moments. I'm now writing this blog to give  my reader some finest moments I have experienced during my travel. Also to help people who has photography as their hobby but don't know how to develop it. I can guide people develop their photography skills.  I am really proud being a Blogger. 

     Engineers will never find time in their stressful carrier. But my advice to all engineers, not only to Engineers but to all Professionals " Just find time to spend with your family and a little time to develop your hobby". Once you got your hobby just go on with it. Never compromise with your hobby you will really find some  cool personality within you.

Harish Kumar NG