Saturday, 18 January 2014

UnDeRwAtEr WoRlD!!

Its been very long since I have gone out for some adventurous trip. My Semester exams created a lot of stress in me I badly needed some change in my life. Hence this time I decided to go on for something really adventurous trip. Just then I realised i was a good swimmer.
So decided to go on for swimming in some canals or backwater. I went on for boating with fisherman on the back waters of River Cauvery. After reaching  good distance from the shore i just jumped into the river with my camera. First time in my life witnessed a lot of water habitats. Surprised to see these Underwater creatures living soo happily. Each and every creature was busy searching for their food. My guide instucted me not to harm any creature nor to frighten them. Because most of these creatures were at the verge of extinction and few others are really dangerous to  Humans. So i was very careful about it. I was surprised to see Fishes from all sizes from the size of my little finger to the size greater than me. I hate reptiles because they were ugly but even the Reptiles seems to be beautiful that day. I have no words to express the beauty of the underwater world. Just in a single word its MARVELLOUS. To witness all my sights I took some photographs of few creatures. I will post everything soon. Hope you enjoyed my experience and help my  blog to be a successful-one. Thanks for spending time to read my blog.