Friday, 26 July 2013

On a Trecking Camp!!!

It was a very special day wit my friends on the foot hills of Himalayas. A very beautiful and awesome place for spending your vacation. I was very much excited when my friend said he has planned a trip to hill stations in THE HIMALAYAS. I asked him to book a descent hotel on the best spot which is close to all sight seeing places.
Actually we dont have any direct train so we booked train to Delhi and from there to Shimla and other places. Once the Vacation started we started our journey to Delhi. we had a good hotel to stay for a week in Shimla. We had the best days of our life. We guys enjoyed it to the core. Since its a hill station who on Earth will miss trecking in hill station that too we are enjoying hill station with friends. So we went for trecking. It was really a new and cool experience. We were afraid to see all kinds of animals right from rats to bear. Walking few kms near us. I never missed a chance to snap the animals am seeing. just like that i saw the great himalayan bear my trecking guide said you guys are really lucky to see because its not a common to see in lower himalayas. So i really feel very much lucky to have this memory and sharing with you friends. Thanks for spending your valuable time for my post.