Monday, 15 July 2013

A GooD PoSe!!

                     It was one fine day and the weather was Awesome. Me and my friends planned to go on a trip to Vandaloor Zoo. We were simply rounding without any intention. By the time we were teasing the animals also we used to feed animals with biscuits and other fruits we were having. Friends please don't do these things. Since we were a very big group of around
14 guys the Zoo Keepers cant control us and so we were unstoppable. We also saw few couples sitting in pairs and it disturbed us( Boys only know the feeling of sitting couples in public places when they are with a group of boys) and so i suggested my friends to to towards birds area rather than spending time in park. We guys had a great time on sight seeing the birds and natural beauty. Suddenly i noticed this kinda bird this bird i've already taken snap while resting in its nest so i was very much impressed to see this bird in the zoo. I have a habit of taking my digital camera (which my dad gifted me) where ever i go. Also i feel lucky to have my cam that time. I really have a great pleasure in sharing this image with you Friends.